A Little Intro

This blog is dedicated in its entirety to the thoughts and efforts behind the Etsy shop Staged Artifacts. Why call it Staged Artifacts? There are two pretty easy versions of the meaning behind the catchy name.

staged artifacts

The first version…

is a little less intense than the second. Staged Artifacts was begun as an outlet and place to sell creations. I graduated college and started working a desk job and my greatest fear came true. Living in a cubicle for 75% of my weekly life zapped any interest I previously had in writing/blogging/thinking of anything besides a torturous black and white excel data sheet. Imagine focusing your thoughts….for 8 hours a day… on numbers…in a white box.

I used to write constantly. The new ideas were endless with all of the insanely exciting things I had going on. And by exciting I mean amusing to a college kid. There was always a new story to tell because I lived in college world, where even the most uninspiring Monday was good for a little roommate weirdness. Writing about the day was getting harder so this little endeavour is meant to give myself something to write about. I love making things…even if they aren’t as amazing as the Etsy lady who got famous for making bomb ass napkins which I read somewhere here on this blog. The only thing is, if I look at stories like this for too long these Etsy masters get intimidating so I’ll just focus on my little creations for now.

The idea of taking something old/broken and making it prett(ier) is what I plan to focus on. Hence staged artifacts…most of my things are made to look new or made to look old… with lots of experimentation in between.

The second version…

may not be as uplifting but is still cool! SA makes sense to me on a philosophical ‘who am I in this world level’ too. We all deal with something different. And most of the time that something is something you don’t want everyone else to know about because it is painful, out of your control, or embarrassing.  As a result we stage a version of our lives to hide the little something that isn’t so fun to share. I have seen so many people (nearly everyone I know) struggle with that something, most of them have helped make the somethings you find in the SA shop. Taking something and making it into something else is an incredible way to focus energies on something positive and meaningful.

Sales from the SA shop will go towards benefiting mental health efforts that aid in helping all of us deal with our somethings. Stay tuned for a post to come on which programs/organizations the SA shop will focus on/if anyone even wants to buy SA items 🙂





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